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Our Hiring Process
APPLICATION: Find a job and apply.
Kellogg offers a range of exciting and challenging work opportunities across various locations within Asia. Start by finding a position that’s right for you in the location you are interested in. To start, go to “Job Opportunities”, on the left menu of our Career Website. Once you find the right job, click on the button “Send your application online”, review the Data Privacy Statement and complete our online application

ASSESSMENT: We want to get to know you and assess how your abilities and talents can fit into our organization.
To determine that in a fair and accurate way, we use standardized assessments that will provide a comprehensive overview of your work preferences as well as your aptitude prowess. With this information, and together with a review of your skills, qualifications obtained from your resume deposited with us, we can identify whether you will most likely be successful in the following next steps of our hiring process.

INITIAL INTERVIEWS: Meet and speak to us to learn more about Kellogg
At this step, you may be involved in one or two initial interviews. These interviews normally take place between HR and the hiring manager and help us get to learn more about your talents and capabilities. As part of the interview, you will also have the opportunity to ask us questions and learn more about Kellogg as a great place to work.

FINAL INTERVIEW: Learn about our culture, our values and our people
At the final interview, we take the time to explore your interests in greater detail and offer you more exposure into Kellogg culture, our values and our people. After this stage, you will be notified of our decision.

OFFER & ONBOARDING: It's only the beginning, your start to a great career at Kellogg!
Our mission is to drive sustainable growth through the power of our brands and our people. This is why the hiring process at Kellogg is a rigorous one, to ensure we have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Applicants who do well in our hiring process will be offered not only a job at Kellogg but the opportunity to grow together with some of the most talented people we have at Kellogg today.