Position Title
Associate Community Affairs / Corporate Social Responsibility
Kuala Lumpur
Date Posted
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Application Deadline
Thursday, July 12, 2012


Astro has from its conception both benefited and faced many challenges from a high profile public image. As such, its business objectives of profitability is strongly underscored by the equal importance of maintaining good and strategic relations with all key stakeholders including government bodies, the press, business partners and members of the public. A strategic, integrated and cohesive corporate and public relations approach is critical to ensure the company's healthy and positive public image with a view to further drive Astro's overall business strategies.

The key areas of responsibility are:
1. Accountable in negotiating and convincing the various Ministries/government authorities and pressure groups to provide their endorsement, assistance and support for all activities (launch of new products & channels, price increase, channel renumbering, etc). This includes good liaison, swaying opinions and counselling all parties involved in negotiating the best possible return for all concern.

2. Identifying and investigating potential key issues which would impact the company and coordinating input with internal and external parties to provide an assessment of the issues at hand and help formulate a strategy to counter any issues before or after they occur in order to uphold Astro’s positive image.

3. Plan and coordinate product programmes in line with Astro content platform in support of the stakeholders’ (government, customers, pressure groups, etc) objectives, which helps elevate the company’s position in the community, as well as creating income opportunities for the company.

Various aspects below fall under the preview of stakeholder management:
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Priority Customer (VIP accounts)
- Corporate events / tours / visits
- Corporate Sponsorship
- Employee Volunteerism


- University Degree in Public Relations / Customer Relationship Management / Mass Comm
and at least 3 years working experience in related field/industry.
- OR 5 years working experience in related field/industry.
- Excellent Interpersonal Communications skills
- Excellent Public Relations / Customer Service skills
- Ability of conveying instructions that are easily understood and acted upon by those concerned.
- Capable of conveying instructions that are easily understood and acted upon by those concerned.
- Ability to make last minute decisions / arrangements as well as be ready with contingency plans for any circumstances

Sorry, this position is closed for application.

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